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  • I met with my advisor today which was a pleasant experience, as usual. I feel incredibly lucky for this.
  • One of the things we discussed is that I really should lift weights if I’m going to make it through this program.
  • I had half a bell pepper and three Cadbury Creme Eggs for dinner.
  • My summer course was approved – so I’m teaching a version of my Women in Sitcoms class.
  • I was able to hire my former intern as my TA. I’ve given that kid a job twice! He’s been an amazing worker and will probably fly through the ranks in the library world. I am trying to be nice to him so he’ll hire me when I finish this degree. 😉
  • It has been 9 weeks since I broke my foot and sprained my ankle, and I am still wearing an aircast but am thankfully off crutches.
  • I’m doing directed readings this summer, so I will probably be no fun to talk to unless you’re really interested in information literacy, education, information seeking, and libraries. Although, because of my class, I’ll talk a bit about sitcoms, gender studies, and social justice as well.
  • I am the world’s slowest grader, and I can’t use that app from the UNC professor because my students’ projects are online.
  • My favorite thing about this semester is getting to play with numbers. Psychometrics is awesome.


All I want to do today is:

  1. listen to mellow music (iron & wine and morrissey so far)
  2. pack, unpack, and repack my new camera bag
  3. tell myself I should do laundry to prepare for the week, then realize at 11pm I didn’t do any and scrape together an outfit for the morning
  4. see I can get my hair to curl properly
  5. keep reading the book I started last night

All I want is to have all the privileges of adulthood with none of the inherent responsibilities.

Is that too much to ask?

Speaking of my new camera bag – I will definitely have an entire post just about this bag, because I love gear. I LOVE gear. I am a form follows function gal with an affinity for clever pockets. This bag makes my heart glow. The folks at Precision Camera were so patient and helpful. I love this bag so much I’m already thinking about how great it’s going to be to fly with – even though I have no flights planned for the first time in five years. But! I live in a great city now, so I don’t need to fly away as often, and this bag is going to have a baptism by fire – at sxsw.

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