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I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I have TWO degrees in Women’s & Gender Studies, but only took TWO literature courses over my 8 years of college. (5 years towards the B.A. 3 years for the M.A. and M.S.I.S)

One lit course was Women on the Frontier and the other was the perfunctory U.S. lit survey. I took pre-Civil War. I read a lot of Puritans’ letters and sermons.

Anyway, I’ve read it now. I WhisperSynced it (audiobook and Kindle working together). I loved it. When I finished I immediately watched the 6-part BBC series.

Now I’m reading The Martian. I finally gave in. I’ve only heard great things, and my Goodreads crew love it.

I’ve listen for over 4 hours today (and I worked today AND took a two-hour nap) so pretty much every waking non-work moment has been dedicated to this book. I cried in the first hour. I’m guessing there will be more tears.

P&P fulfills one of my Read Harder criteria (book before 1850), The Martian technically does too, but I already had a book slated for sci-fi. It’s one I KNOW I’m going to read, so I guess I’m just reading for enjoyment not for a gold star.

I guess that’s ok.

Pride and Prejudice Cover The Martian Cover

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Ok, it’s not *code* per se. It’s markup, but whatevs. I’ve been absent from here because I have been elsewhere in cyberspace finishing this lovely site for the Women and Gender Studies Section’s program at ALA Annual. Check it out!


Screenshot of WGSS program site for ALA Annual


I promise I finished the 30-day song challenge. It’s all on fb. I’ll post it here soon in the interest of finally finishing something I started – which I always do for work, but less so in my personal life.

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