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A song that makes me sad? 65% of my music collection is depressing.  This one took a lot of thought.  I have a playlist on called Depression.  It’s part of my 5-stages-of-grief series I’ve mentioned before.

There are a lot of sad songs that sometimes don’t hurt – like Radiohead’s Black Star which I think is one of the saddest songs ever recorded, but I also get to belt it out, and belting feels good.  Same with Ben Harper’s Walk Away which usually feels terrible, but also reminds me of being a camp counselor so there’s good in that.

There is no happy in this:

Now, if we’re not talking about pop, or indie pop, or anything that would be on the radio.  It’s definitely Amazing Grace on bag pipes.  It’s played at funerals in my family and gets me every time.  I know this is common, but we’re actually Scottish.

Just for the record, I had to stop this 30 seconds in because I started to tear up – yeah, it’s that bad.

Here are the other two I mentioned:

Wow, this post was hard.  I need to go back to the songs that make me happy because my heart feels heavy now.  Even Oliver, the dog, looks depressed.

picture of Oliver the dog

He prefers The Shins.



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