Many years ago: Born and raised in Ohio. Cold, gray, nope. But I will be loyal to Cleveland forever.

A couple decades after that: Some college, two years of AmeriCorps, moved to Maryland, more college

And then: My life in Texas began, grad school

What next?: A different part of Texas to work as a tenure-track instruction/outreach/gender studies librarian

Finally: Back to Austin, working in ed tech, spending time with friends, having a life again

I like: trying to be witty on Twitter, music, baseball, college football (\m/ and O-H!), public radio, podcasts, tv, reading the same books over and over, quoting things, reproductive rights, floating, lists, Netflix/Hulu marathons, tacos, and napping.


The views expressed in this blog do not represent the views of my university, city, state, country, or dog – only my own. Although my dog tends to agree with me, because I seriously restrict his media intake to things I agree with, and he’s a dog. 

You can email me at: lea@librarylea.com


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