After nearly twelve hours of traveling, I made it to Philadelphia. I had a bit of a trek to get to the airport and since I clearly don’t understand time zones, a three-hour layover in St. Louis where I was reduced to eating at a Chili’s Too. What a waste of a perfectly good per diem.

I made up for it tonight with dinner at Continental – French Onion Soup Dumplings with Gruyere? Yes please. I was nervous after the mixed reviews, and I didn’t want a dinner that was all flash with nothing good in the pan, but dinner was full of tasty delights like those dumplings and Kofta with a yogurt sauce I would marry if it was legal in Pennsylvania. I wasn’t thrilled with the spinach ravioli, but it came after the richer stuff. They’re over there, waiting for me to get hungry again. ———>

Dessert was awesome, I had a Midtown Monkey which was a warm banana turnover thing with a little vanilla ice cream, some crunchy goodness, and a light drizzling of something I thought was caramel, but was actually in the toffee family. I don’t normally like toffee, but it worked. I also got orange cotton candy. Something you may not know about me is that I love cotton candy. I LOVE IT! I buy it at the grocery store, and when it ends up in the dollar spot at Target, whew buddy. You better stand back. One of my friends dropped by my apartment one day and saw me eating cotton candy. He was utterly confused. Apparently he’d never seen anyone eat it except at the fair. It’s any anytime food, folks.

Tomorrow I will actually do some library-related things. Tonight I just wanted to see if I could write a blog post from this borrowed iPad. Apparently I can, but please excuse any typos.

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