Gyroscopic beginnings

Hey, LL faithful! Who, I’ve come to learn is my cousin Pat. (hi!)

Graduate School (round two) is here, and I’m off and running, stumbling, crawling.

Here are the things I’ve learned so far:

  • For me, making the transition from faculty member/teacher/professional back to student was five times harder than my move from student to professional.
  • Being a good student is never going to come naturally to me. I am going to have to fight procrastination and my own brilliant attempts at self sabotage.
  • I’m going to do those things, because my work is important and my ideas are worth exploring.
  • I won’t feel like that ↑ all or even most of the time.
  • Spending time with my students will remind me of all of that.
  • Because as much as we complain about kids these days/millennials, how college kids now don’t have it 1/5 as rough as we did – PAPER INDICES!, REGISTRATION BY PAPER CARD/TELNET/PHONE! – they’re still working and learning things.
  • Seeing my students learn and being able to help in that process teaches me more than any years of school ever could.
  • But, school helps me with the methods to create and assess sustainable change and introduces me to new things/people/ideas.
  • So, even though I’m most likely going to limp across the finish line. I’m in it. Let’s do this.

*ok, I’ll probably sprint across, because if you’ve ever watched an amateur race of any length you’ve noticed that everyone kicks it up and sprints across the finish line. Even if they’ve walked the last 14 miles. So, I will sprint. In kick-ass shoes and unapologetically bright burnt-orange regalia.

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    I have nothing to add aside from “Yay Lea!”. Keep blogging!


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