I, Library Lea, needed pancakes. Pancakes help me think.

You may recall my post on guerilla reference in IHOP (which I type as iHop every time, darn you Apple). I am pleased to say that this remote-reference-during-finals plan has come to fruition. Yay! Instead of IHOP, a team of two librarians will be in and around the student dining halls. We’re doing two lunch time and two dinner time sessions. Although we will, of course, provide solid reference services, I see this more as an outreach initiative than a reference initiative. Exciting stuff and further proof of the power of pancakes.

thanks to flickr user kevandem for sharing this gorgeous picture

Post title from:
Sharmat, M. W., Sharmat, C., & Simont, M. (1990). Nate the Great and the musical note. A Break-of-day book. New York: Coward-McCann.
“I, Nate the Great, needed pancakes. Pancakes help me think” (p. 33).

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