Macbookless – Day Two

First full day sans Macbook and I gotta say, the PC is hanging in there. True, it did do that thing where that pop up window tells me it’s going to restart my computer in 4 minutes. I put it off for about a half hour (which means I checked “later” about 7 times) then let it sleep for a while and went to the pool. Not too shabby. It did, however take like 15 minutes to download and install Pidgin, although part of that is because I missed a pop up and needed to click something. I think it’s all set up now. That was my big tech feat of the day. Oh, and the PC’s name is Gertrude, my mom named it after her work computer. It’s fine as long as I don’t have more than 2 programs open at a time (then we get into freezeville and memory-dump land). I still feel like I can’t really DO anything with this computer. No Website updates, or cover letter writing. Most of my files are on my Macbook, and while I do have things backed up in various places, it’s way less hassle to just go to the pool and put off actual work. Plus, I’m getting a lot of pleasure reading done!

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