Packing for SXSW: Gadgets

This is the most intensely personal part of one’s SXSW packing list. I’m only taking four things that plug in.  FOUR! And I absolutely WON’T be carrying around my laptop. What is this? 2007? HAHAHAHAHA . . .

Here’s my stuff:

At SXSWi, taking only this much tech gear makes me a luddite.

I wouldn't stop streaming the NPR Music live show of the Shins performing Port of Morrow to take the picture. It's rocking my face off. They really caught fire on the 4th song. Can't wait!

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  1. librarylea’s avatar

    Ok, except the power strip totally plugs in, so it’s really five, and my cell phone charger isn’t in this picture. Glad I figured that one out. I’m so tired.


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