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1) This whole LeBron James thing is ridiculous. Who the hell sets up a primetime event to announce a job change? That’s insane. I read someone justify it because it was somehow benefiting the Boys and Girls Club. Couldn’t he just donate them some more money instead of putting the kids on national TV while he breaks their hearts? Ultimately though, for me, I think this is the best thing he could do, because I no longer give a crap about where he goes, and I already hate Florida – so it works. Thanks for the classless display Bron Bron. The only good thing about him staying in Cleveland would be that we could avoid headlines like this:

As a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, I am so over seeing that Cleveland sports failures package that they play during EVERY playoff game.

I can't wait to hear what two-word name they give this incident

2) I have about four zygotic blog posts that I will get to eventually, I promise. Especially since I’ve yet to say anything about ALA.

3) Oliver isn’t feeling well. He hasn’t eaten much today, and we’re heading to the vet soon.

4) And! Today is probably the most important day of my career so far. I’m speaking to ELEVEN HUNDRED first-year-orientation counselors tonight (in eight back-to-back sessions), and I really need to be enthusiastic and composed.

Wish me luck, folks.


**Apparently I was so frenzied that I forgot that I now own my own domain space and accidentally posted this on my old site which reminds me I need to phase that puppy out**

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I cannot think about Twitter for any length of time without thinking of Missy Elliott.  I’m not sure when my head decided that Twitter was “tweet tweet,” but once it did it was all downhill from there (or, uphill, if you, like me, don’t really mind having The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) in your head for hours at a time – next time it rains I’ll have to share my rainy day playlist, very literal – John Aeilli* and I were totes separated at birth – how’s that for a digression?).

I have enjoyed being an active tweeter for the past two weeks.  Now that I have my new fancy, awesome-pants phone I can tweet from anywhere!  I’m still not a tweeting maniac and have been trying the Conan model of one tweet per day, but now that ALA is upon us and the vendors and exhibitors are creatively using their Twitter accounts I have been tweeting more often.

HTC Incredible

I've had this for two weeks and already forget that I can use a computer to check my email.

So, I am going to do my best to tweet it up at the conference.  Oh, and if you’re in a session that I’m tweeting about, and you see a brown-haired girl with purple mildly cats eyed glasses and a gold pashmina jump up and yell BINGO! that’s me.  Although that description minus the “bingo” yelling fits about 11% of the total conference population.  🙂

ALA10 "I'm attending" badge

LL is just saying NO to sensible shoes.

* For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, John Aielli is a DJ on KUT the public radio station out of UT-Austin.  He likes themes.  No, he really likes themes.  Anyone can play songs about love on Valentine’s Day, or spoooooky songs on Halloween, but John Aielli will find you three hours of music about trees for Arbor Day – AND between those songs (and sometimes over top of them) he will share with you fun facts about trees, the holiday itself, and possibly even the etymology of the word “arbor”.  Don’t fret if you aren’t local – you can listen over the Internet of course and there are KUT apps for iPhone and Android.

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