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If I close my eyes I can taste them . . .

If I close my eyes I can taste them . . .

because now I REALLY want gum drops.

I know the story says that those things are bad, but the picture looks soooo good.  I love sugar.  I love it.  I often keep cotton candy in my home for general consumption.   Sometimes I eat sugar out of the bag.  I’m cutting back on these things.  I really am.  My healthy eating plan (now in its 8th month) has made that sort of behavior near-impossible.  But damn, I had a Butterfinger Blizzard yesterday for the first time in years, and oh my god it was amazing.  It was 1.5 times the amount of calories and fat I am allotted per day, and it would take 4 hours of step aerobics to burn that sucker off (or you could spend that time running 6 minute miles instead).  So it’s up to you, go up and down one step, skip around it, over and back, knee around the world! or go about forty miles.  Your call.

I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the night and did an hour of pilates today.

One of the best things I ever saw on a message board was a response to the question “How do I curb late-night eating?” – answer “Go to bed.”

So true.

Ok, now, I am 75 years old, but I’m also kinda pissed because I was typing that little anecdote about the message board and missed the final Jeopardy clue and the answer/question was Pangloss.  I could have totally felt self-satisfaction.  Then I would have charged to my bookshelf to reread Candide and lamented about how the translations just don’t do justice to the original French text.  Dammit.

Oh well, I shall not worry.  Tout est pour le meilleur.

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