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A song that reminds me of somewhere.  Ugh, day two of the three-day memory lane trip. I don’t know how something can remind you of someone and not somewhere or an event, but I’m trying to think of the song that is the most somewhere for me. What an awesome sentence!

I think I’m going to go with that sketchy bar we went to in college.  The tiny one that I have no idea how to get to because I didn’t have a car, and honestly have no idea how I did get there half the time because none of my close friends had cars either, but get there we did, and when we got there, this always came on, and we all squealed and danced our hearts out.  (Trust me, I have another one in mind for songs that make me dance.) This one is definitely about place and that sketchy bar with the pool table and the dj stand that you could dance on – well, I’m sure that it was its intent.  It may have been a ledge on which one could place their beverages, but it was usually crowded with shrieking girls singing this:


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