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A song you want played at your wedding. How apropos. I’m heading to a wedding in a few hours, not mine, but a wedding none the less.

This might be a thing that people think about, or that girls or other moony-eyed people are supposed to think about, but I’m not one of those. I’ve gone through stints of sappy, but that’s just not who I am at the core. I don’t have a burning desire to get married. I like being relatively contract-free. I don’t like entering things that don’t allow me to change my mind without dire consequences – which is the main reason I’m also tattoo free.

All of that aside. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a wedding where this was on the playlist.

I do have to admit, my eyes match. Sorry, boys!

As an aside, I do want to say how happy I am for my friends who will be getting hitched today. They are a fantastic couple, so joyful, and well-matched. Congratulations you two!

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