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I love the suggested links in GMail, although I also find them a bit terrifying.

I love the suggested links in GMail, although I also find them a bit terrifying.

I prefer to let singer/songwriters apologize for me.

Sorry songs:

1) Sorry I Am – Ani DiFranco

  • I guess I never loved you quite as well as the way you loved me I guess I’ll never really be able to tell you how sorry I am.

See, now that doesn’t seem like a NICE apology.  It’s an apology that makes the apologizee hurt just a bit more.  Hey, so yeah I’m sorry that I didn’t really ever love you enough, even though you were TOTALLY into me, my bad.

There are TONS of Ani songs about apologies.  How many can YOU name?

2) We’re Both So Sorry – Mirah

Here is another one that is not REALLY an apology

  • And hey I’m sorry ’bout so much baby but I know you’ll understand
    I’m sorry ’bout so much baby but I know you’ll understand

    So, yeah, I’m sorry and all, but really, you get it, so I’m justifying my actions WITHIN THE APOLOGY.  Nice, Mirah!  That takes chutzpah.

  • How can I ever apologize? I meant you no such harm I never knew I could possess that fatal kind of charm. This one is soooo good.  It’s in the same vein as the Ani one.  Whoa, I’m so sorry that you are so into me, I don’t know what to do about it, I mean how can I contain this awesomeness?

3) All Apologies – Nirvana

I can’t ignore this one; it would be traitorous to my alternateen soul.

  • I wish I was like you, Easily amused
  • Ok, that’s not nice.

  • Find my nest of salt
    Everything is my fault
    I’ll take all the blame
    Aqua seafoam shame
    Sunburn with freezeburn
    Choking on the ashes of her enemy

Ok, so that has a hint of sincerity I guess but more hyperbole and Oh (poor) Me ness.  Then it says some stuff that must be all poetic cause I don’t get it.  This is why I focused on the Pumpkins and not Nirvana.

Speaking of . . .

4) Transformer – The Smashing Pumpkins

  • she’s not sorry she’s happy

Oh, hey, maybe GMail is right about me, cause I don’t know if you noticed, but none of those were really apologies . . .

I guess I just live a clean life free of regrets.  🙂

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Ok, I don’t mean to be a hater. I LOVE the weather. I love checking the forecast, watching the news to hear a recap of the weather, calling my parents to compare their weather to my weather. Yes, I am an old man that sits and talks about the weather. I own a solar-powered weather band radio. I was in the meteorology club in junior high. (Thanks Mr. Molina!) But, how did this BREAKING NEWS end up in my Google News? It was in my national news section. National. News. Plus, I love that this guy is the face of Green Bay’s weather and gas prices, especially since he’s in Baton Rouge. I should call him, crap, I can’t, I spent my money right on down to my last dime.

big news!

**See! I am a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll**

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