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A song that describes you.

This one was harder than I thought it would be. I think there are a lot of songs that describe me situationally. Like when I’m going through a break up and “every pop song on the radio is suddenly speaking to me*”, but I needed to find something that was consistently me – as consistent as I can be – which isn’t very. Ok, here we go.

I’ve been listening to my music with great intention over the past few days thinking “is this one about me?” about each one. After a lot of deliberation, I’m going with Rilo Kiley.

With the Dixie Chicks as a close second. This one just seemed too self congratulatory. If it included that line about not fooling yourself into thinking you were more than you are, then it would be spot on. 🙂

I think these two songs together are a perfect representation of my fun combination of braggadocio and humility.

*Ani DiFranco reference 🙂

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