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A song from your favorite band.  I know many of you are expecting Smashing Pumpkins here, but I just can’t say they’re my favorite band anymore.  I know, I know, get out your fans and clutch your pearls ladies.  While I still love their catalog (Remember day one? Soma is my favorite song!), these days, Iron and Wine has my heart.  And just like I met Billy Corgan when I was at the height of my obsession, I met Sam Beam as well.  If you’ve talked to me in the past four years I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. 😉

The “a” song is difficult.  One of my favorite recordings from them is actually a cover, Love Vigilanties, but I can’t do that because that would ignore all of their amazing original songs. I have multiple years and albums to consider, but I think I’m going to go with something off the new album, but I’m still going to cheat a bit.  Here’s Half Moon from Kiss Each Other Clean, but it just so happens to be at the first song of the Tiny Desk concert he did for NPR.  So, I mean, if you *want* to keep watching you totally can.  I love the album a lot, but there are a few spots where I think Sam’s voice is a bit over processed.  I don’t think I’d feel this way if I hadn’t heard it live first, but when I heard Rabbit Will Run I was just so excited to know that I would own that song soon, but the album version is distorted, and I want the stripped version as well.  I will probably get that at ACL Festival this fall though – that will be fantastic.

Wait, what?  You want the live version of Rabbit Will Run too?  Ok, fine.  Don’t ever say I ‘ve never done nothin’ for you.


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Your least favorite song.  I hate a lot of songs.  If I’m in the car and a Rush song comes on, I move with a speed I didn’t think possible to change it to anything else.  Unless it’s Joanna Newsom, this one makes me very sad, because I like her, and she has very pretty hair, and I don’t dislike her songs, but her voice just doesn’t work for me.  Which makes me feel like a horrible person because that’s such a personal thing, to criticize someone’s voice. AND! I’ve been a fan of Billy Corgan for years, and I know his voice is difficult to love.  I think I’m going to give her another shot.  Owen Pallett covered “Peach Plum Pear” at SXSW, and it made me think it was time to try again.  When I think of the worst of the worst, of a song that I hate so much that I am furious with myself when it gets stuck in my head, it’s Ween – Push Th’ Little Daisies.


I hate it so much that flames, flames, on the side of my face . . .

That makes it better.

And then there’s this.

This person started recording a few seconds late when he/she figured out what was happening. There is another video, but it’s all blurry.  Ok, fine, I’ll post that one too.

Did I mention I was at this show? So great.

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