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This next stretch is tricky; it’s about memories.  Today is a song that reminds me of someone. I’m haunted by memory. I can’t hear a song without thinking of other notable or not-so-notable times I’ve heard that song. I’m resisting the urge to Palin it up and just say “all of them”. I know this happens to all of us, but I only know what the inside of my head is like and I go on this crazy spiral of connection until I end up somewhere wholly different than where I started.  Like the beginning of every episode of the Simpsons.  Part of me thinks that’s why I’m in libraries. The interconnectedness of information appeals to me. When you study both information and gender studies you become hyper aware of directions of power and access to information – which, when you think about it is a key factor of power. I often say that access to information and specifically free, public libraries are the cornerstone of an informed populous and ergo our entire democratic system. Speaking of memory and spirals, here’s a song that reminds me of someone.

This is for you, Aaron (but you already knew that).

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