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A song that’s a guilty pleasure. This one and tomorrow’s overlap, again. Seriously, who made these categories? On day 30 I’m going to make a new one. Yessiree, although it won’t be a meme. I’ll never be meme. Poor me(me).

Ok, guilty pleasure. This one is tough. I’m pretty open about my music as I scrobble everything on You can, however, delete songs from your scrobble list. Lots of people do this. As of April 2011, it’s mainly to expunge a Lady Gaga record record.

I guess there are a few things I shut my door for. Although I think this is ridiculously awesome and that the two of them sound absolutely phenomenal together. I do feel like this falls into guilty pleasure.

Ok, I’m 20 seconds into the video, checked my door to make sure it’s shut and am already dancing around my office. Let me go lock that door . . .

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This morning’s Questionable Content prompted me to head to YouTube for a Toto fix. I had completely forgotten that the video was set in a library, and that the band played on a stage made of giant books. I started to think about other music videos that were shot in the library.

I <3 the TfF one, it's just so ridiculous(ly fantastic)! What is it about 80's videos and awesomeness/librariness? Africa - Toto U Can't Touch This - Glee Cast

Everytime we Touch – Cascada

Cascada – Everytime We Touch (Video)
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Head Over Heels – Tears for Fears*

Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels
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Marian the Librarian – The Music Man (Robert Preston and Shirley Jones)
It’s not technically a music video, but it’s music and on video (well, film) so . . .
I *love* the long pause on the Indiana State Educational Journal; ye gods! that’s subtle.

and of course . . .

Librarians do Gaga – Librarians of the Future (UW iSchool)

*BONUS! The literal version of Head Over Heels

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