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How great are the Mr. Men and Little Miss Google Doodles in honor of author/creator Roger Hargreaves birthday?!

I love these guys and gals.  Sure they tend to reinforce gendered stereotypes, but they came in Arby’s kids meals in the 1980s and Mr. Strong looked like a succulent cherry Now and Later.

I had a love/hate relationship with Little Miss Bossy, love because she was awesome and we had a deep connection, and hate mostly because I don’t think it’s an appropriate thing to call your nine-year-old daughter, but I’m sure I told them that after I explained to them exactly how to prepare the mashed potatoes I had no intention of eating.  Love you, Mom and Dad!

Little Miss Chatterbox


Mr. Bump


Little Miss Naughty


Mr. Slow


Mr. Messy


Mr. Happy


Mr. Dizzy


Mr. Tickle


Little Miss Curious


Little Miss Sunshine


Mr. Rush


Mr. Forgetful


Mr. Funny


Little Miss Magic


Little Miss Tiny


Little Miss Shy

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