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While in DC for ALA10 I got a chance to go to my favorite museum – the National Museum of American History. It was closed for construction last time I was in town so I was very excited to finally get to go back.

When I saw “paper engineering” on the exhibit list I didn’t realize what that was. One of the least fun things about being an academic librarian is listening to all my children’s/YA librarian friends talking about beautiful books with talented illustrators and those crazy amazing pop up books. Well, LibraryLea, apparently that’s what paper engineering is – oh. So after realizing that paper engineering wasn’t making paper, but engineering things WITH paper, the exhibit was much more appealing.

There were lift the flap books, a carousel, a 3D geometry book, and paper creations I couldn’t even dream of.

I knew a maniac weasel once . . .

What did the maniac weasel ever do to you, Pat?!

Check out the exhibit blog for more pictures!

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