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it would have covered the cost of my coffee run this morning.

Yeah, so I don’t have THAT many half-written blog posts, but I have more than I should.

Oh, I also got a muffin so that changes things.

Those of us living on a college schedule are rapidly approaching the end of the year. Well, I guess all of us are, since December is three days away, but the end of the year is sooner for college folks. College folks who should be able to write better sentences than that . . .

The end of the year around here means assessment time! While we really do light assessment all year, the day of reckoning is upon us. We have our yearly evaluations coming up. It’s pretty intense. I need to review all the instruction statistics to make sure that no one’s numbers are off. Although, really I just check mine, because I will undoubtedly hear from the rest of the team if there is a discrepancy – which is nice. I like working with such diligent folks.

This month is actually dual assessments for me as I’m also taking my first crack at assessments for roller derby. I joined a rec team three months ago, and this is my first chance to step up to the traveling team. I planned on being ready in six months, but here we are at three, and I feel pretty good, so we’ll see what happens. If it’s anything like the hellacious practice we had last week then I may not be blogging for a long time, because I will probably die. I was literally splayed out on the floor. I don’t splay much. I’m most concerned about my endurance. I understand all of the things I need to do; it’s just getting my body to listen to my brain or getting my brain to shut up and let my body do its job.

I’m a little rusty. I haven’t been on skates much since I bust my face open during the first ten minutes of my first exhibition bout. Yeah . . . I’m not the best player on the team. My three-sport-playing brother has enjoyed vacillating between mocking and supporting me. When he first heard about my endeavor he said, “when I think of you, Lea, I think ‘natural athlete'”. His level of sarcasm nearly reached my own. He learned from the best.

The wrong kind of shiner

The RIGHT kind of Shiner

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