Uh huh, oh yeah, one more time – LIBRARY STYLE!

*shout out to my fellow campers and camp counselors – trust falls in the woods represent!*

I was on facebook today and saw that one of my fb friends joined the group “People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s Flavor“, and I started to think about all of the library-themed things I’ve become aware of since starting library school.

Library-themed wedding – a librarian and an la/library school student plan their nerdy nuptials (her blog, his blog)

Library-themed baby shower – invites: inspired by children’s books, games: inspired by children’s books, cake: book-shaped (the author is certain that a stack of books will be an easier cake than a pacifier-shaped cake) I have to agree. It’s best to stick to book covers and not try anything fancy.

Gifts for librarians – Now, it is highly possible that I own some of these things, and have received them as gifts. Gifts that I appreciate and enjoy, but I still don’t completely understand the urge to fill your home with things that remind you of work. Even if it’s a job you love.

Library-themed tattoos – Do you have one or want one? The folks at 8bitlibrary want to know about it. Check out “Project Brand Yourself a Librarian”. I’ve seen many book-themed tattoos – characters and quotes and such, and the hilarious hipster finger shhh tattoo, but I hadn’t seen the library reading person sign thing tattoo. (That’s its official name, the library reading person sign thing – now you know.) There are a couple of them in the flickr group for the campaign like this simple and understated one and this elaborate and colorful one.

Library-themed playlist:

  • Library – Final Fantasy
  • Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes
  • Wrapped up in books – Belle & Sebastian
  • Marian the Librarian – The Music Man
  • Pressed in a Book – The Shins
  • Put the Book Back on the Shelf – Belle & Sebastian
    • but, please don’t put the book back on the shelf ’cause we’re keeping statistics, and we love you patrons and all, but you tend to put them just any old place
  • I Better be Quiet Now – Elliott Smith
  • Quiet – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Check Me Out – Chuck Berry

I actually do have a library-themed playlist. I made it for an ice cream social sponsored by our ALA Student Chapter. It included some of the songs above, but I didn’t want to make it too literal and needed songs that were subtly peppy but background-y enough for people to talk over.

Happy link clicking everyone!

  1. justinthelibrarian’s avatar

    Thanks for the shout-out!
    (Justin of 8BitLibrary.com)

  2. Lisa’s avatar

    LOVE the baby shower theme idea. Will have to remember that if I ever have a kid…


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