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Reading Report


✓ A book by an author from Africa

I finally finished Americanah which I started in APRIL and restarted in October. I feel that I would have liked this book much more if I had read it traditionally instead of via audiobook. The narrator did NOT work for me at all. This is the first title I’ve actually returned to Audible. They’re so great about that.


✓ A book published this year

Yaaaaasssss! It was so good. I raced through Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike #3) and again Robert Glenister is a PHENOMENAL reader. I love listening to him. This one is especially grisly, but I absolutely love this world. I audibly gasped when it ended. I’m ready for #4. 


Now I’m slowly working my way through The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (book set in Asia) and Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief (which I may count as a microhistory? or not at all). The microhistory category doesn’t really appeal to me. I have tons of contenders. I’m sure one of them will stick.

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I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I have TWO degrees in Women’s & Gender Studies, but only took TWO literature courses over my 8 years of college. (5 years towards the B.A. 3 years for the M.A. and M.S.I.S)

One lit course was Women on the Frontier and the other was the perfunctory U.S. lit survey. I took pre-Civil War. I read a lot of Puritans’ letters and sermons.

Anyway, I’ve read it now. I WhisperSynced it (audiobook and Kindle working together). I loved it. When I finished I immediately watched the 6-part BBC series.

Now I’m reading The Martian. I finally gave in. I’ve only heard great things, and my Goodreads crew love it.

I’ve listen for over 4 hours today (and I worked today AND took a two-hour nap) so pretty much every waking non-work moment has been dedicated to this book. I cried in the first hour. I’m guessing there will be more tears.

P&P fulfills one of my Read Harder criteria (book before 1850), The Martian technically does too, but I already had a book slated for sci-fi. It’s one I KNOW I’m going to read, so I guess I’m just reading for enjoyment not for a gold star.

I guess that’s ok.

Pride and Prejudice Cover The Martian Cover

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