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I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I have TWO degrees in Women’s & Gender Studies, but only took TWO literature courses over my 8 years of college. (5 years towards the B.A. 3 years for the M.A. and M.S.I.S)

One lit course was Women on the Frontier and the other was the perfunctory U.S. lit survey. I took pre-Civil War. I read a lot of Puritans’ letters and sermons.

Anyway, I’ve read it now. I WhisperSynced it (audiobook and Kindle working together). I loved it. When I finished I immediately watched the 6-part BBC series.

Now I’m reading The Martian. I finally gave in. I’ve only heard great things, and my Goodreads crew love it.

I’ve listen for over 4 hours today (and I worked today AND took a two-hour nap) so pretty much every waking non-work moment has been dedicated to this book. I cried in the first hour. I’m guessing there will be more tears.

P&P fulfills one of my Read Harder criteria (book before 1850), The Martian technically does too, but I already had a book slated for sci-fi. It’s one I KNOW I’m going to read, so I guess I’m just reading for enjoyment not for a gold star.

I guess that’s ok.

Pride and Prejudice Cover The Martian Cover

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